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Arab Film Studio Production Management is targeted for professionals with a minimum of 3 fiction credits in the production department and in positions that include but not strictly limited to:

  • POC and Assistant POC.
  • Experienced Production Assistants.
  • Production Accountants.
  • Location Managers Location Assistants and,
  • Assistant Directors.
  • Junior Production Managers or seasoned Production Assistants from the local TV or advertising industry may also be eligible.

The program will start on the 20th of April and will run over 5-weekends.
Applications must be submitted by the 31st of March 2024.

It will cover these topics, among others:

  • Budgeting & Scheduling.
  • Anatomy of the filmmaking process (from script to distribution).
  • Job description and key elements that form the responsibilities to create a good production manager.
  • How different departments work together (needs, issues, and those which may need more attention than others).
  • Departmental structures, crew roles, film unit structures and hierarchies.
  • Essential paperwork and memos / document trails.
  • Confidentiality in production and distribution of information.
  • The Production Office set up.
  • The financial controller being the accounting backbone of the Production Manager and how to read cost reports.
  • The Production Coordinator, being the production manager’s backbone, and financial controller being the accounting backbone and how to read cost reports.
  • Purchase Orders, Cash flows, Petty Cash.
  • Rebates and tax/financial incentives.
  • Crew contracting and deal memos.
  • Cast contracting.
  • Insurance.
  • Fringes and key international unions.

The course instructor is Malcolm Scerri-Ferrante; an accomplished Production Manager with more than 30 years of experience in films such as The Count of Monte Cristo, Eragon, Asterix & Obelix vs Cleopatra, Wickie the Viking and Netflix’ series Alexander the Great. He has worked with directors Guy Ritchie, Kevin Reynolds, and Oliver Stone, among others.